About Me

My Credentials and Background:

I am a California licensed clinical psychologist, Qualified Medical Examiner, and psychotherapist in private practice. I am also a candidate at the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California in San Francisco. Prior to entering full time into my work in private practice and med-legal evaluation, I served as the Director of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine at Pacific Pain Institute. A great pleasure of mine included training providers on the value of collaborative care, as well as increasing understanding of the role of the mind in treating and transforming human suffering. I have also served as faculty at several functional restoration programs in the Bay Area, where I offer instruction on the psychology of pain, as well as grief and loss .

I have received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2009 from an APA accredited institution, the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. Professional schools of psychology emphasize the development of clinical skills and expertise over academic research. These skills include especially the ability to listen without preconceived cookie-cutter ideas and goals, by paying close attention, instead, to the moment to moment unfolding of a unique individual within the broader contexts of family history, culture, and desire.

I began my work in the profession of psychology in 2002, and started working as a therapist in private practice in 2007. My training also included a formal two-year, post-Doctoral fellowship in multi-disciplinary pain managment.

Before I became a therapist, I was a General Manager at well-loved restaurants in San Francisco, Chicago, and the New England seacoast. My experience in business administration and managment consulting fosters a respect for real world relevance as part of my psychotherapy style.

My master's degree in Cultural Studies and my undergraduate emphasis in Women's Studies and Sociology is another layer that faciliates my unique approach that includes expertise working with diverse clients, couples of all orientations, and with individuals negotiating questions of identity, individuation, difference and belonging.