Assessment & Evaluation

  • Behavioral and Psychological Evaluation: I also accept referrals from individuals looking for an in-depth understanding of their psychological distress including diagnosis, assessment of functioning and comprehensive treatment recommendations. I also collaborate with primary care physicians to evaluate the impact of a person's state of mind on medical treatment, prognosis, and everyday functioning.
  • Pre-surgical Psychological Clearance: I specialize in providing pre-surgical clearances to patients who are considering surgical procedures such as trials for spinal-cord stimulator or opioid pump, in addition to clearances for fusion, laminectomy, bariatric surgery, etc.

Worker's Compensation / Qualified Medical Examinations

  • Qualified Medical Examination: I am a licensed Qualified Medical Examiner registered with the California Dept. of Worker's Compensation. I write balanced and cogent med-legal reports that grapple with complex questions of impairment, causation, and treatment.
  • I also work and consult with patients in treatment, and collaborate with attorneys who have found themselves or their clients embroiled in Worker's Compensation claims, including psychological evaluation and working with mono-lingual workers and their interpreters.
  • I am a preferred provider for OWCP/Department of Labor.