“How we respond when the storm strikes is up to us. How we live in the aftermath of tragedy and heartache, that’s within our control. And it’s in these moments, through our actions, that we often see the glimpse of what makes life worth living in the first place."

- Barack Obama

Psychotherapy explores "blind spots", conflicts, and the difficult feelings, thoughts, or memories that we try to push aside in order to cope with the demands of life. The problem is that this coping strategy often backfires, creating struggles in the form of poor choices, dissatisfaction, repeating patterns, and feelings of disappointment, despair, and confusion.

The premise of my work is that, at times, we all require thoughtful collaboration and dialogue in order to fully articulate and understand the more painful aspects of our lives: the experiences, thoughts, feelings, or worries that generate unrest, numbness, or "symptoms." We may also need help in mourning loss and handling disappointment.

My style is highly personalized for you and engaged with what emerges in our experience of one-another; This style of exploration fosters a fuller experience of your presenting concerns that is key to promoting meaningful and lasting change.

I will also work with you to understand your difficulties in a more humane way, and facilitate your unique voice so that you may bring yourself more fully to the world of love and work.

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents
Due to medical challenges or traumatic injury, significant loss, childhood abuse, or the challenges inherent in everyday life, I sit with people and talk about what hurts and what gets in the way of satisfaction in relationship and in work/school. Humor and playfulness, mindfulness/body-centered experiencing, and dreams may be utilized in my approach; Collaborative conversation is the cornerstone. Psychotherapy occurs at a frequency of one to two sessions per week.

Couples Therapy

In my work with couples, I approach the "client" in the room as the relationship between the couple, and as the interactions that the couple have co-created. Exploration of the life and libido (or lack-thereof) of the "client," and the capacity for managing differences, disapointment, and conflict, interdependency, betrayal, separation, and life's myriad challenges and changes are often central to our work. I also specialize in work with couples to process the effects of medical problems within a partnership as well as dealing with difference.

Group Therapy
Periodically I offer psychoeducational and process groups for people experiencing medical problems and/or chronic pain.