Consultation, Collaboration, and Psycho-education

Clinical Supervision and Consultation
I provide supervision for pre-licensed and licensed clinicians who are seeking to cultivate expertise in behavioral medicine. I also consult, more generally, with therapists who are working to develop a culturally competent clinical practice and/or who wish to deepen their approach through understanding transference-countertransference dynamics and enactments...or who are suffering from compassion fatigue. I have experience in community mental health, medical, and private practice settings as well as organizational development.

Multi-disciplinary Treatment Team Collaboration
I enjoy and have expertise in collaborating in multi-faceted treatments teams as well as in providing consultation to physicians and therapists working with people who have complex clinical and clinical-medical overlay.

The Psychology of Pain
This short-term individual consultation provides people living with chronic pain the opportunity to learn, in an individualized setting, the role of one's state of mind in mediating pain signals. Topics include the role of central nervous system activation in pain, myofascial holding and "second skin;" coping with functional deficits, limitations, and loss; and identification of factors that may excacerbate pain or bolster coping. This consultation differs from psychotherapy in that we will not be delving into specific areas of concern. This consultation, however, may be a precursor to psychotherapy with myself or one of my colleagues if treatment is indicated.

Bearing the Hidden Loss: Consultation and psycho-education for family members that have loved ones with traumatic injury or chronic pain/illness.
This short-term consultation assists individuals and/or families to come to terms with the profound changes that occur in the life of a loved one and their families who are all living with the effects of chronic pain, injury, or illness.